MOHA Aura Consulting – Bio Pulsar

The aura of a human being is the energy field that surrounds our body.
This energy field can shine in different colors. The colours of the Aura give information about the physical, mental and mental health of the human being. In the aura, it is possible to recognize and interpret the energy of thoughts and feelings. We measure your energy field with the Biopulsar-Reflexographen. The Biopulsar-Reflexograph is a biomedical measuring instrument based on eastern and western Alternative Energy and medical sciences. The representation of the energy budgets of the human body takes place via various parameters, such as the dynamic whole body aura, Organaura, Chakraaktivität and many more.

This new measurement method is fast, accurate, straightforward, reproducible. After only one to two minutes, it shows hand-laying on an electronic measuring board, exact energetic disturbances and disease structures in over 42 organ zones simultaneously. Reflex zones are known to teach Eastern and western alternative medicine teaching the state of energy and the constitutional tendencies of the internal organs and psyche again.

Biofeedback measurements with the Biopulsar-Reflexograph give clues to the potentials, dispositions and blockages of your energy body. The biofeedback values are, so to speak, the image of the holistic energy of man. (The name biofeedback means “natural feedback” or “feedback”). With the Biopulsar reflex zone measurement You get a meaningful, dynamic and differentiated status report on organ energy in a simple and very quick way.