MOHA Blood Leech Therapy

In the Moha Institute, Blood Leech Therapy has been durchgefürhrt by experienced therapists for years. Our leeches, which we refer exclusively from controlled breeding in a natural-like habitat, successfully help, among other things, in non-healing wounds, pain caused by osteoarthritis, circulatory disorders as a result of transplants, diseases of the ear (such as Inflammation and tinnitus), the vessels (e.g. varicose veins, “brooms”) and the musculoskeletal system as well as concomitant with hypertension. The treatment, which lasts on average 60-90 min., runs through pain-reducing substances that the leech releases during the suction process, usually without problems and the desired effect can last for several weeks or even months after therapy. Of course, every fluke, as required by the legal regulations, will only be used for a Treatment is used on a patient. Therefore, any patient who chooses this ancient, traditional therapy can have it carried out without any health concerns.

Attention: We are obliged to point out that leech therapy is contraindicated for patients suffering from hemophilia (blood disease) or taking blood thinning agents (Macamur, Aspirin).