MOHA Healomed-Therapy

Healomed therapy (therapy with PEMF devices) distinguishes low-energy devices, which are used primarily for cellular health and bone regeneration, and high-energy devices for recovery of traumas as well as control and treatment of degenerative Diseases. The positive effects of the treatment, which may take from three minutes to three hours depending on the energy level of the PEMF device, have been described:

• Reduction of pain and inflammation
• Increasing the Movement space
• Increased solidity of tapes
• Less muscle loss after surgery
• Faster treatment of skin wounds
• Improved capillary formation
• Faster nerve regeneration
• Less tissue necrosis

PEMF therapy can also influence the production of nitrogen oxide in the body and therefore help in diseases and disorders that have to do with the condition of the vessels (direct and indirect effect of nitrogen oxide on the vessels) such as:

• Thrombosis
• Vascular enlargement and stenosis (elevated blood pressure)
• Obesity
• Hypercholesterolemia
• Diabetes (I and II)
• Arteriosclerosis