MOHA Vega Check

As a result of modern medical research time VEGACHECK for therapist and patient new ways up. The therapist remains in demand with all his knowledge, skill and experience, but gets a great help in the diagnosis through the results of the VEGACHECK. The patient feels taken seriously with his symptoms, because even undetected disorders and illnesses can be seen with VEGACHECK. If the classical examination methods such as ECG, ultrasound, X-ray, CT or MRI no longer help.

How does VEGACHECK work?

If an organism is healthy, it responds correctly to stimuli, i.e. with a reasonable shock to a corresponding stimulus, followed by an appropriate counter-shock and a reasonable recovery period. If these reactions do not occur, then there is a regulation or reaction disorder. If the body does not react at all to a stimulus, a Reaktionsstare is present. VEGACHECK uses this stimulus reaction pattern in the measurements. The reactions of the organism are recorded as curves which, depending on the condition of the patient, are shown as over-or under-reaction up to the Reaktionsstare. The procedure is absolutely painless. The measurement result of each derivative gives information about the energetic state and function of the organs. Any deviation from the normal range of the electrical parameters indicates a malfunction.

The biological fluctuations in the second and minute intervals are measured by the device. Due to decades of experience it is possible with VEGACHECK to classify the deviations accordingly and to obtain specific diagnostic hints from them. The interpretation of the measurement results is based on the evaluation factors of VEGACHECK. They show the physical reactions during the measurement. This makes it possible to make statements about the regulating and energy behaviour of the organism, the tissue reaction and the chronic disturbances of the body. Inflammation can also be localized in this way. Here VEGACHECK offers the possibility for quick and efficient overview diagnosis.